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Pars MahzounTrading Co.

Pars MahzounTrading Co. With the aim of developing non-oil exports and creating employment in the field of export of nuts and medicinal plants, it was launched. In this regard, as an active member of the Union of Exporters of Medicinal Plants and one of the main suppliers of nuts in the country Including pistachios, almonds, figs, raisins, thyme, chamomile, etc. with superior quality to the countries of the Persian Gulf and some European countries, which in 1391, 1392 and 1393 for three consecutive years as a provincial sample exporter and in addition Foreign exchange earnings and high value added will witness the expansion and prosperity of employment in the fields of production, packaging and printing, land, sea and air transportation. It is also safe to say that we are one of the main export activists in the field of preparation and processing of black (Omani) lemons in a completely hygienic and automated way, which had the export market of this product during the years 78 to 86, and now with a scientific attitude. And with an industrial approach in the field of processing – production and packaging of nuts and medicinal plants.

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Among the facilities of this company, we can mention the 1000 ton refrigerator for dried fruits - equipped packaging machines and export-covered warehouses and the exhibition of export products in a completely hygienic environment. One of the main goals of this company is to export and introduce more domestic products to other countries and to create a suitable platform for the development of target markets as well as entrepreneurship on a large scale, which according to the investments and detailed planning of the company in Macro level and efforts to expand activities It is hoped that in the near future we will see the expansion of exports of domestic products.

Nasser Mahzoun

Chairman of the Board

Mohammad Mehdi Mahzoun

Managing Director

Hojjat bakhshi

Sales Manager

Hadi Mahzoun

Member of the Board
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